Cédric Bihr – Contributor

Le photographe Cédric Bihr ( Two.P ) raconte sa rencontre avec le jeune acteur Daniel Landroche pour le magazine Contributor.


Daniel Landroche is a young actor from California who had a part in « Milk » from Gus Van Sant. I met him in NY. He was wearing his denim shirt buttoned up to the top and he had this amazing way of being captivating without doing anything. The next day, we shot these pictures in the streets of NY. He was calm and reserved, thus polite and friendly. Keeping the mood of this shooting with me, I rented a car the next day and drove upstate along the river to Germantown, where Patti Smith was born, to visit a friend of mine. She fixed a great lunch for me while I was playing with her two dogs outside by her barn. Then I left to Woodstock, didn’t stop and went up to the motel « La Duchesse Anne » lost in the woods. Woke up in the middle of the night to go shoot the full moon landscapes around a lake. When the sun rose, I went back for a few more hours of sleep in my flower room and left, driving randomly across the mountains. Always having the shooting with Daniel in my mind. Photography and text by Cedric Bihr.

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